Our Story

About Us

Second Generation Power is a website developed by Aquadyne Inc. for the purpose of providing information and displaying equipment available to the general public.

Aquadyne Inc. (1986) owns the vast majority of equipment listed on the site. On occasion consignment equipment may be listed by request.

Aquadyne was first established in 1986 in Delta B.C., Canada. The company was formed to build small run-of-the-river hydro electric systems. Aquadyne became directly involved in several biomass co-generation projects across the country. Aquadynes mission was to provide environmentally friendly power and energy from the earth’s natural resources. Now 38 years later Aquadyne still has the same strength of conviction to provide clean and reliable renewable energy.

Equipment We Offer

New, Used and Surplus Diesel Generator Sets, Natural Gas Generator Sets, Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, Power Plants Hydro Pelton Wheels, Transformers, Parts and more. With years of experience and knowledge, Aquadyne can provide cost effective engineered power solutions for your project.

Our Story from Humble Beginnings

The founder and President Mr. Hans Gostmann came from humble beginnings. Hans was born in West Germany and the family moved to South Africa after WW2 for better opportunities. Hans as a child was very curious and indulged himself with the inner workings of anything mechanical and electrical. As a young man his thirst for knowledge and education propelled him to become a top student and earn engineering degrees from world accredited education facilities in South Africa.

His journey in the power generation world began at Barlow’s, South Africa Caterpillar Dealership. After 15 years of serving in the various sectors of the Caterpillar Corporation. Hans went on to start his own company to supply power to remote areas of south Africa.


Some of his projects included supplying power for the Sua Pan Soda Ash project, Steam power for Foods Botswana, Bio-mass gasification in Zimbabwe. Owning and operating a 5 MW power stations for the town of Maun at the edge of the Okavango Delta.  The other smaller projects included the supply of prime and back-up power for hospitals, municipalities, office towers, hotels, data centres, factories, green houses, agriculture industry, food production industry, mining industry, gas wells, telecommunication industry, manufacturing industry, mechanical shops, recreation industry such as ski resorts, fishing lodges, and much more.